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Can an Annuity have
Death Benefits?

What is an Equity
Index Annuity?

Fixed Rate Annuity

What is a Medicaid
Qualified Annuity

What is a Split Funded

  • 100% Risk Free CD Alternative 
     $10,000 minimum investment required  ($2000 IRA or UTMA)             

    Annuities offer smart investors.............................................

    1. Safety                                                                 

    2. Liquidity                                                                      

    3. Income Tax Deferred Growth     

    4. Fixed Interest Rates that generally exceed CD's                    

    5. Earn Interest on Principal and Deferred Taxes

    6. Index annuity gains are linked to the S&P 500 performance       

    7. Index annuities have 100% Guarantee against losses in the stock market.   

  When is your Annuity 
  or IRA a time bomb.

Look at the advantages..........did you know........

  Annuities can pass probate free to the heir of your choice!
  Annuities can be owned by others out of your estate!
  Annuities can be owned by a charity with the income going to you!
  Annuities can be creditor proof in bankruptcy !                   
  Annuities are perfect for the smart businessman or his wife!
  Annuities can be exchanged for other annuities tax free.

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What is an?     

Immediate Annuity

Fixed Annuity

Equity Index Annuity

Charitable Remainder

Does My State Guarantee
Me Against Loss?

Life Expectancy Tables.......
How long will I live?

Are Annuities Better
Than CDs?

Comparison of  Certificates of Deposit  with  Annuities

Instrument Type Annuity CD
1. Exposure to market risk and price fluctuations? N N
2. Earnings free from current taxation? Y N
3. Earnings reinvested automatically without current income taxation? Y N
4. Social Security income Tax liability eliminated? Y N
5. Is my investment liquid? Y Y
6. Can I have a penalty free withdrawal? Y N
7. Do commissions reduce my principal? Y Y
8. Can  this investment avoid probate? Y N
9. Do I get a lifetime income with tax advantages? Y N

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