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Fixed Rate Tax Deferred Annuities
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Are you  looking for: 

  • A 100% Risk Free CD Alternative    

  • $25,000 minimum investment required  

  • Potential growth in the stock market has turned into devastation

  • Millions won't retire, because they had "professionals" investing their money

  • How many would thrill to get their money back again, the stock market is RISK.

  • Annuities have Both GROWTH and SAFETY in the same tax deferred vehicle.

Imagine Stock Market Lossed had been invested in returns without Market Risk
............with a 100% End-Of-Term Guaranteed Return of  Principal. 

                                       If the Market goes down, are uneffected
                                       ALL of your principal comes back
at the end of the term;

                                       If you must have the money in an emergency, it's there, liquid and ready!
                                       you can also withdraw 10% a year without penalty

                                       ....Or, use it to grow funds for college for kids or grandkids!
                                                 leave it to a spouse, children, parent or loved one at death
                                                 fund a parent's income needs for life guaranteed, or a disabled child
                                                 give it to a charity and retain the income stream for life and or spouse's life

Annuities offer smart investors a retirement thats actually there:

  1. SAFETY                                                                              

  2. LIQUIDITY                                                                      

  3. INCOME TAX DEFERRED GROWTH                         


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