Group Health Plans of La.

Recommends the following associates.

Acme Lock Company, Inc.
7220 Washington Ave, NO, La.  70115

Contact: Mr.  Lance  Munson         
phone (504) 486-5305                                        Fax(504) 486-1995                             
Services:      Sales and installation of commercial and residential security hardware 
website address: www.___none ________         email:

Advanced Waterproofing Inc.      
617 Perry St, Algiers, La. 70114

Contact: Mr  Greg Kempton            
phone (504)  365-0050                                        Fax(504)  365-0055                             
Services:      Waterproofing/Weatherproofing of  Commerical structures and surfaces 
website address: www.________________         email:

Barnett Marine Inc.
2709 Concord Rd, Harvey , La. 70058

Contact:  Mr. Billy Barnett               
phone (504)   394-6055                                       Fax(504)  394-1557                             
Services:       Marine fabrication, commercial
website address: www.________________         email:

Bienvenu Brothers Plumbing Inc.
212 Elmeer Pl., Metairie, La. 70005

Contact:  Mrs. Georgie Bienvenu      
phone (504)  835-7783                                         Fax(504) 835-7759                              
Services:       Commercial/Residential Plumbing Const. & Repair                           
website address: www.bienvenue.com____         email:   info@bienvenue.com_____

Bon-Son, Inc. 
 2331 Tifton # A, Kenner, La. 70062

Contact: Mr.Cliff Bonvillain               
phone (504) 469-8871                                        Fax(504)738-1525                               
Services:        Heat & Air Constracting  Commercial & Residential 
website address: www.________________         email:

C J Christina's  A-C/Heat Cont
1115 N Laurel St, Met., La. 70123

Contact:  Mr. Charles J. Christina  
phone (504)737-4421                                         Fax(504)737-4511                               
Services:        Heat & Air Constracting  Commercial & Residential 
website address: www.________________         email:

Central Dispatch Inc. of La.
1800 Fourth St, Harvey, La. 70058

Contact:  Mrs. Joni Gravolet             
phone (504) 362-3282                                         Fax(504)  362-4029                            
Services:         Commerical Freight Forwarding Services around the world.
website address: www.________________         email:   jccjr@worldnet.att.net_

Central Dispatch Inc. of Tx 
602 East Austin , Pasadena, Tx 77502

Contact: Mr. John Centanni               
phone (504)                                           Fax(504)                               
Services:          Commerical Freight Forwarding Services around the world.
website address: www.________________         email:

Concordia Lutheran Priv. School
6700 WestBank Exp., Marrero,La. 70072

Contact:  Mr. Tim  Stiblich
phone (504)347-4155                                           Fax(504)  348-9345                             
Services:           Private School, grades  0-9
website address: www.________________         email:

Contemporary Automotive
205 N. Causeway Blvd, Met.,La. 70001

Contact:  Mr. Darrin  Roussel
phone (504)838-6807                                          Fax(504) 838-6140                              
Services:           Wholesale Automotive Parts                                 
website address: www.________________         email: 

Crescent Business Machines, Inc.
1605 Airline Hwy, Met., La 70005

Contact:  Mr. Everett Villarrubia
phone (504) 831-3751                                          Fax(504)834-2845                               
Services:          Sales/Repair/Installation commercial business machines and computers. 
website address: www.________________         email:  cbmgs@verio.net___

Delta Testing & Inspection Inc.
725  S. Genois St, N.O., La 70119

Contact:  Mr. Don Meyn                    
phone (504)486-5595                                           Fax(504) 486-5598                              
Services:          Quality Control Services in the Mid Gulf South Areas
website address: www.________________         email:

Domino Supply Inc.
402 N Holley, Ponchartoula, La

Contact:  Ms. Lee Sbisa
phone (504)542-9263                                           Fax(504) 345-0865                              
Services:         Misc.  Manufacturing
website address: www.________________         email:

Donovan Marine Inc.
400 N. Carollton Ave, NO., La. 70119,

Contact:  Mr. Jim Dicks
 phone (504) 486-5731  Fax (504- 486-3258)
Services: Wholesaler of marine parts and supplies in New Orleans, Houston, Pennsicola,Jacksonville, Mobile, North & South Carolina.
 website address: www.________________         email:

Duo-Fast Dixie Inc.
140 Laitram Ln., Harahan, La. 70123

Contact:  MR Wesley  Lane
phone (504)734-0334                                           Fax(504) 734-0446                              
Services:         Commercial Fasteners for business      
website address: www.________________         email:

EJD Builders, Inc. 
3525 N Causeway#105, Met.,La. 70002

phone (504)833-5161                                           Fax(504)835-8224                               
Services:          Commericial Interior Buildout  Contractors
website address: www.________________         email:

Fabacher, Inc.
506 Peters Rd., Harvey, La. 70058

Contact: Mr. Bob Fabacher 
phone (504) 362-5091                                          Fax(504)362-5454                               
Services:          Marine Fabricator 
website address: www.________________         email:

G Mc & Co. 
200 Julia St, N.O., La. 70130

Contact: Glenda English
phone (504) 524-8117                                          Fax(504)523-7068                               
Services:          Commerical Advertising & Public Relations Firm 
website address: www.________________         email: gmckaren@bellsouth.netT _

Goliath Construction Co. Inc.
2700 MetairieLawn, Met., La. 70002

Contact: Mr. Harry Lazarus/Barnard Bennett 
phone (504) 837-6515                                          Fax(504)837-6519                               
Services:           Commercial  Contractors
website address: www.________________         email:

R.Christopher Goodwin  Assoc's Inc.
5824 Plauche' St., Harahan, La. 70123

Contact:  Mr. Chris Goodwin/Mr. Bill Athens
phone (504)  736-9323                                         Fax(504) 736-9326                              
Services:          Professional WorldWide Archeology Services
website address:                     email:

Great Expectations , Inc.
2020 Jackson Ave #103, N.O., La. 70113

phone (504)598-2229                                          Fax(504)565-7635                               
Services:            Family Planning Services
website address: www.________________         email:

Gulf Instrument Services, Inc.
6613 Airline Hwy, Met., La. 70003

MR Charles Rihner 
phone (504)733-4853                                      Fax(504) 733-4957                             
Services:            Repair/Sales/Calibration Service  
website address: www.gilf2000@bellsouth.net___      email   ____

Michael's Mid-City Seafood Rest.
 4139 Canal St., N.O., La. 70119

Contact: Mr. Mike Tansil
phone (504) 486-8200                                     Fax(504)                               
Services:             Part of the Great New Orleans Restaurant Tradition                  
website address: www.________________         email:

International Coffee Co. Inc. 
300 Magazine St., N.O.,La. 70130

Contact: Mr. William Madary
phone (504) 586-8700                                     Fax(504)523-3301                               
Services:            International Coffee brokers and suppliers/quality control
website address: www.________________         email:  ___

Jefferson Medical Systems, Inc.
961 Industry Rd, Kenner, La. 70062

Contact:  Mrs. Sandi Seeger
phone (504)468-9674                                     Fax(504)468-9676                               
Services:             X-Ray /Imaging Services in the Central/South  U.S.
website address: www.________________         email: __

Lemoine Marine Refrigeration, Inc.
2236 Arlington, Harvey, La. 70058

Contact:  Mr. Dan Wilday
phone (504)  366-0903                                    Fax(504) 366-4476                              
Services:              Commercial Marine Refrigeration, serving the Gulf Coast and Casino Industry
website address: www.________________         email:   lmrinc@bellsouth.net____

Manheim Gallery, Inc.
403-09 Royal St, N.O., La. 70130

Contact:  Audrey Manheim
phone (504) 568-1901                                     Fax(504) 568-9430                              
Services:               New Orleans' Premier Spot for elegant furnishings, located in the world famous French Quarter.
website address: www.________________         email:

Measurement Instruments, Inc. 
 35 W. Third St, Kenner, La. 70062

Contact:  Ron/Sharon Martin
phone (504) 468-9672                                     Fax(504) 469-3911                              
Services:                Sales/Repair/Calibration of measurement instruments
website address: www.________________         email:

Metairie Printing, Inc.
1015  24th St, Kenner, La. 70062

Contact:  Mr.  Bruce Hirsch
phone (504) 466-5757                                     Fax(504) 466-3396                              
Services:                Commercial Printing and Design Services
website address:       email: ____

N & R Construction Co. Inc.
3500 Clifford Dr, Met., La. 70002

Contact:  Mr. Roy Hedrick 
phone (504)834-2536                                      Fax(504)                               
Services:                 Commercial and Warehouse Contractors
website address: www.________________         email:

NeuroSurgical Associates, Inc.
4228 Houma Blvd 3220, Met.,La. 70006

Contact:  Dr.Wm(Bill)Johnson
phone (504) 456-9393                                     Fax(504)888-2329                              
Services:                   NeuroSurgery and consultations.
website address: www.________________         email:

R J Marchand Co. Inc.
3515 Division St, Met., La. 70002

Contact:  Mr. Frank Sibley
phone (504)888-2922                                      Fax(504) 888-2936                              
Services:   Contr supplies/Cab/Interior Spec email:

Royal Audio Video, Inc.
3000 __  Jefferson Hwy, Jeff. La. 70121

Contact:  Mr.  Randy Gervais
phone (504)  831-9779                                    Fax(504) 831-9299                              
Services:                    High End  Video/Audio film and communications productions
website address: www.________________         email: royal@av.com__

Select-A-Vend, Inc.
112 Spar St, Met., La. 70003

Contact:  Mr.  Gary Deutschmann
phone (504) 454-8363                                     Fax(504)                               
Services:                     Vending machine sales/service/repair
website address: www.________________         email:

Sonata Business Systems, Inc.
901 Convention Center Blvd # 119, N.O., La. 70130

Contact:  Mr. Gary Waters
phone (504)   523-7851                                   Fax(504)523-1429                               
Services:                     Computer Network Solutions
website address: ____         email:

Southern Gold Exchange, Inc.
1024 Canal St., N.O., La. 70112

Contact: Mr Mark Black 
phone (504)837-4656                                      Fax(504)522-4646                               
Services:                      Famous New Orleans Jewelry fabricator and sales
website address: www.________________         email:

TDC Energy Inc. in  La.
600 Julia St., N.O., La. 70130

Contact:  Mr. Louis Schott 
phone (504) 529-3630                                     Fax(504)  529-5541                             
Services:                      Energy Producers  in the Gulf South  Region
website address: www.________________         email:

TDC Energy Inc. of  Tx.
 2203 Timberloch # 229, Houston, Tx. 77380

Contact:  Mr  David Gibbs 
phone (504)364-1172                                      Fax(504)364-8382                               
Services:                       Energy Producers  in the Gulf South  Region

Technical Engineering Consultants, Inc.
401 Whitney Ave # 600, Gretna, La. 70056

Contact:  Mr. Richard Gomez
phone (504)362-0896                                     Fax(504) 367-8781                              
Services:                       Oil & Gas related  engineering services
website address: www.________________         email:

The Ellis Company, Inc.
2201 Richland St, Kenner, La. 70062

Contact: Mr. Zack .Elllis 
phone (504)  469-3295                                    Fax(504)469-3290                               
Services:                       Commercial  Roofing Contractor
website address: www.________________         email:

Unified Aircraft Transportation, Inc. 
5841 Crowder Blvd., N.O., La. 70127

Contact: Ms. Sue Johnson, 
phone (504)246-2102                                      Fax(504) 246-2111                              
Services:                        Automotive Transportation of Vehicles for the armed services
website address: www.________________         email:

Vinson Guard & Security Service
955 Howard Ave.  N.O., La 70113

Contact:  Mr Joseph Vinson,
phone (504)                                      Fax(504)                               
Services:                         Security Services and Systems across the U.S.
website address: www.________________         email:


website address: www.________________         email:


website address: www.________________         email:


website address: www.________________         email: