Statewide  Hospital Surgical Plan

Benefits Limited to coverage stated in policy. 
 Benefits below are for LOUISIANA.
At half the cost of traditional insurance, this plan still pays the heaviest health care costs.  Those of hospital stays, surgeries in or out of hospital, emergency room visits, chemotherapy and other benefits as stated in the policy.
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Benefits   Hospital Surgical Plan
Lifetime Maximum  


Deductible choice  

   $100,  $250,  $500, $750


   $1,000,$2,500,even $5,000

Maximum Out of Pocket   

   $1,000 + deductible



Hospital/Surgery  %  

  80% In Net Work/ 
  60% Out of Net Work

Diagnostic Services/Outpatient Surgery   Instead of or before inpatient stay
Radiation Therapy/Hemodialysis   Covered after deductible
Chemotherapy/Ultra Sound/
Blood Transfusions
  Covered after deductible


Doctor Office Visits  

   No Coverage

State Mandated Benefits
  Routine Pap Smear;  Mammogram PSA;  covered with no Deductible
Other State Mandated Benfits   Covered Subject to Deductible


Emergency Room   

 80% InNetWork/60% OutofNetWork



Rx Card  

   No Coverage




   No Coverage




No Coverage

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Last Updated on 02/20/02
By Neil S. Williamson, Clu