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Louisiana individual health insurance policy provisions

The most important Louisiana health insurance laws are the ones that influence the health insurance policy itself.

Louisiana health insurance laws address a health insurance policy's pre-existing condition exclusion period. Medical conditions are considered to be pre-existing if you were treated for or diagnosed with a condition in the 12 months prior to a health insurance policy's effective date.

Louisiana health insurance laws state that pre-existing conditions can be excluded for a specific amount of time, but never longer than 12 months. This means during that exclusion period the health insurance company does not have to pay for any medical treatment relating to the pre-existing condition.

When switching companies, your old Louisiana health insurance coverage can be used to credit a pre-existing exclusion period required by your new plan as long as you have had continuous health insurance coverage within the previous 63 days..

Every Louisiana health insurance policy has a guaranteed renewability provision, which means that you always have the option of renewing it for another term.

Regulating Louisiana health insurance companies

In Louisiana, health insurance companies cannot cancel your health insurance coverage or refuse you renewal on the grounds of illness. This does not mean, however, that any Louisiana health insurance policy you apply for must be approved. Any Louisiana health insurance company can deny your original application: it's the request for renewal that they cannot refuse.

In other words, your health status determines the cost and availability of any Louisiana health insurance. This means your premiums can significantly increase with age or declining health. However, Louisiana health insurance laws do limit these costs to protect the individual consumer.

Temporary Louisiana health insurance

It is never a good idea to have a break in your Louisiana health insurance. During these times its advisable to purchase a temporary Louisiana health insurance policy.  Although these policy's may cost more and offer less coverage, it provides adequate coverage for short durations when you need it most. Temporary Louisiana health insurance is available from select Louisiana health insurance companies. Call Group Health Plans of La. @ 504 456 1858/888 456 1858 for more information on availability.

Business and Self Employed               (see upper half of page  for Louisiana Individual Health Insurance Laws)

Louisiana small business health insurance regulations

Louisiana health insurance companies must sell small business health insurance to any small business. Qualifying Louisiana small businesses must be offered the same health insurance sold to other Louisiana small business. To be eligible a small business must have employees totaling between 2 and 50. Federal Hipaa law applies.

Employees must meet a minimum level of participation in order to qualify for Louisiana small business health insurance. Depending upon the health insurance company, a percentage of employees (generally 75% not covered elsewhere)  must purchase the policy or the Louisiana small business health insurance policy and remain on it, or maintain that percentage or the policy will be terminated.

Employers generally are  required to contribute a certain amount toward employee's premiums before the Louisiana health insurance company agrees to sell the group a policy.

If both requirements are met, Louisiana health insurance companies must sell health insurance to any small business that applies.

On a different note, the cost of Louisiana small business health insurance is only slightly limited. The price of Louisiana small business health insurance can fluctuate due to health status and risk, but groups between 3 and 35 are protected from exorbinant rate increases by the Small Group Rating Law.

On the good side, as with individual health insurance policies, illness can not be used as grounds for terminating an Louisiana small business health insurance policy.

Self-employed Louisiana health insurance

As a self-employed individual according to Louisiana health insurance laws, you can not purchase group health insurance if there are no other employees. The minimum full time employees is 2.  Then Louisiana small business health insurance can be purchased.

However there is a big benefit to being a self employed business owner. A percentage of health insurance premiums can be deducted from your taxes if you are a self-employed individual and are buying your own health insurance. 

More Louisiana small business health insurance help

To find out more about LA group health insurance laws and regulations, visit the Louisiana Department of Insurance.