Examining the effect of inflation on Long Term Care Insurance Benefits

How Does My Policy Keep Up With Inflation?

How does inflation affect my ability to pay for Long Term Care Services?

The Rule of 72

A commonly used quick answer rule of mathematics in financial planning circles

Any interest rate or inflation rate divided into 72 will yield the number of years
 it will take to double principal when investing , or , deplete to half
 the purchasing power  in the case of inflation.


3% inflation--divided into 72  yields 27 yrs
4% inflation--divided into 72 yields 18 yrs
5% inflation--divided into 72 yields 14 yrs
6% inflation--divided into 72 yields 12 yrs

So, if $150,000 is needed for a 3 year nursing home stay
at $50,000 per year , ...now.

At 3% inflation you will need to have $300,000 on hand
to pay the same tab at age 70, if you are age 43 today!

Doesn't it make more sense to save for retirement
that you can enjoy, instead of  Long Term Care needs?

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