10 Ways to Save for Retirement

  1. Max out you contibutions to your 401k plan.  The employer match makes it unbeatable.
  2. Invest in growth mutual funds that pay no dividends and cause no taxes to cash out.
  3. Open a Roth or Traditional IRA for you, your spouse, your child if they have earnings.
  4. Series E government bonds produce no interest income until maturity or surrender.
  5. Invest in tax deferred annuities or equity indexed annuities for non taxable accumulation.
  6. Use medical savings accounts as a second IRA account.
  7. Invest in 30 year bonds that pay upon maturity
  8. Invest is Section 1202 Small Business Stocks. 50% forgiveness on gain at sale.
  9. Buy Single Premium Life Insurance for tax deferred accumulation and free life insurance.
  10. Buy Universal Life Insurance that earns interest, and,  has a -0- cost loan provision.

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