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Buying term insurance as easy as possible. With  Instant Term, you're covered the moment you complete the application and pay online. You can choose from 10 or 20 years of coverage - from $100,000 to $1,000,000.  Instant Term is issued by The American Life Insurance Company of New York.

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Our Term life insurance is priced for internet delivery,  Instant Term has reduced administrative costs so you pay lower premiums.

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Complete a brief on-line interview to determine your insurability. You'll be issued an on-line quote for three months of coverage. Once you accept, pick a time for a brief visit by a medical technician. Provide payment and sign the on-line application. The policy will be delivered to you on-line. It's that easy.

Trusted Partner

Founded in 1955, American Life Insurance Company of New York is a fully licensed, 50-state insurance carrier. It was awarded a rating of Excellent (A-)(on a scale of A++ to F) by A.M. Best, a respected authority on the financial strength of insurance companies.

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