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Why Consumer Directed Health Plans?.......................

Contain Mushrooming Health Insurance Costs..

Current Plans prevent employees from knowing the true costs of the health care they purchase.  How much does my Doctor Visit or Rx cost? 

This was the old school:  Doctor Copay, Rx Copay, etc.  But this is not good because it has lead to inflated premiums for financially-strapped employers.  At the current rate of increase medical premiums can be expected to increase 100% every 4 years!  When is it unaffordable?  Consumer Directed Health Care mitigates mushrooming premiums by involving employees in the evaluation of costs and benefits of health care services.   Lower health insurance costs in the future will make the difference between having health insurance or having no insurance at all.

Employees may not be able to control the larger health care costs, because hospital and emergency rooms costs continue to escalate.  However a great deal of health conditions and costs are related to lifestyle and behaviors that people can influence.  It is estimated that eliminating smoking and obesity would lower long term health care costs by one-third!

Reward Wise Purchasing by Employees  (see  health plan features)

Make the employee responsible for determining price differentiation.  Provide greater rewards for healthier lifestyles.  Flexibility in the choice of  health care services is useful for people who want to see certain specialists or use alternative therapies (holistic, vitamins, etc.) not covered by traditional health plans.

Consumer Directed Health Plans can restore independence to the physician-patient relationship (HMO is not deciding what care is allowable or appropriate)

Motivate Employees to Negotiate

For years uninsured persons have made "pre-paid agreements" with hospitals and doctors to cover medical costs, because they were uninsured.

A common example was an uncovered pregnancy.   "Pre-Paid arrangements" with hospitals for normal deliveries can be as low as one-third of the cost of an "insured" delivery.  Since the deductible part of the plan will involve some payment by the employee, a "pre paid plan" or prior negotiated price can once more make sense to the individual.  Since the individual is involved in the cost they will want to hold it down where ever possible.

Incentive for Lifestyle and General Health Improvement

When an individual improves their health in a normal group health insurance plan, the savings are spread across everyone in the plan.   Employers can  give people an individual incentive to improve their health.  They get to keep the money in their health care reimbursement account and use it to reduce their exposure in the next and following years. 

Everyone has the opportunity to do something to improve their health. 


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